The Smart Way to Run

Preparing to participate in a Half Marathon requires dedication and several weeks of training. A combination of exercises, diet and timed runs will inevitably become your focus for the next few months. Accomplishing a Half Marathon is a worthy goal to strive for. Runners who are newer to the realm of running tend to begin their journey with an aggressive regimen. This can lead to exhaustion early on while leaving them prone to injuries that could inhibit their progress. We have all heard the old adage “work smarter…. not harder” that applies to many areas of our life. When it comes to readying for an event as extensive as a Half Marathon, this saying could not be truer or more beneficial.

Staying healthy and in tip top shape are necessary to see a Half Marathon through to the finish. Experienced runners avoid becoming worn down prior to the event. With a few savvy alterations, you can run smarter and achieve your dreams with a few simple steps.

Building Endurance

Novice Marathon runners are under the common misconception of more means better. They will push themselves to reach a drastic goal creating a paragon of potential issues along the way. Endurance is built through time and patience. It is suggested to take your time and distance to generate a starting point. In lieu of extreme advancements, pace yourself with consistency to yield the best results. When it comes to the day of the Marathon, you will note a dynamic stability in stamina, endurance and strength.

Speed Trials

Starting off strong with the intention of keeping a balanced speed later in the run may be a mistake. With the same concept as sprinting, runners in training will reverse the process pushing out elevated speeds early in the trek. This leaves them fatigued for the rest of the session with the goal of building their distance. The idea behind the process is smart, yet executed in the wrong order. To build the speed and endurance for a Half Marathon, run consistently until you feel tired. This will mark the period to move past the boundaries.


As with any endeavor, balance is a key to success. During your training, you will be exceeding normal limits. Longer days with an extensive program can cause wear and tear on your physical condition and your mental status. Bringing balance to the set includes your training hours, workout regimen and diet. Anticipating the levels of fitness will help you to keep them running concurrently. Upper and lower body exercises work together in conjunction with running. Maintaining a proper intake of vitamins and nutrition promotes healing muscle tissues, a stable blood sugar and a healthier perspective to the day.

A Half Marathon is a long distance run that will take a measure of endurance, strength and balance. Acquiring these attributes can be accomplished through smart methods in contrast to difficult paths. Making new goals will keep us running forward towards a triumphant finish.

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