Best Destinations for Half Marathons – Part 3

Our concluding part of the best destinations to run a half marathon takes us to more superb places in the world, where perhaps you had never thought as competition venues but definitely are. Our first point of call is Canada where every August the magnificent Sea Wheeze race takes place.

Half Marathon – Sea Wheeze

Imagine going on a sort of music festival and in the middle of it, you get the opportunity to take place in a half marathon. Well Sea Wheeze is one big wellness party, and on arrival, competitors are encouraged to meditate, perhaps have their hair braided and even get a henna tattoo. Day two is the race, but before the athletes take to the course, they can partake in a massive group yoga session outdoors. To say Sea Wheeze is a hippy’s paradise is probably overstating things a little, but the general laid back feeling of the whole event is quite like no other road race in the world.

Half Marathon – Petra Desert

Petra is one of the great ancient cities of the world, it took star billing in the famous Indiana Jones movie the Last Crusade. Perhaps it is not a place you would associate with running and half marathons, but nevertheless the historic site plays host to one of the most atmospheric half marathons in the world. Starting at the fabulous Street of Facade, runners will pass the stupendous Nabataean tombs as they run along small winding roads up to Siq al-Barid which is a famous riverbed gorge. The half marathon course takes in the first part of the full marathon route where the athletes are tested to the full with uphill climbs in the mountains.

Half Marathon – Patagonian International

Most runners find that they struggle for breath when undertaking a half marathon, but the Patagonian International Half Marathon is one of the most difficult road races to undertake as it takes in part of the majestic Torres del Paine National Park. The Park includes the lofty snow-capped Andes mountains and the course is set high up above sea level. As well as the breathtaking views, your breath will be hard to catch due to the high altitude. If you attempt this run, you will have to prepare fully for altitude running or you may find yourself in difficulty.

Half Marathon – Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll

Perhaps November is the only time that the famous Vegas Strip is actually totally closed to traffic. Almost the entire race is held on Las Vegas Boulevard where all the famous sights and sounds of Vegas are located. Before the race, a free concert is held in honor of the participants and in the past, major stars such as Snoop Dogg, Macklemore and Kid Rock have taken to the stage. As the runners navigate the 13.1 miles, music accompanies them every step of the way, courtesy of a team of hard working DJ’s dotted around the route. Runners complete the course at the famous Mirage hotel to a cacophony of noise as more music greets the triumphant athletes.

Leaving Las Vegas behind it is time to pack our running shoes and go home for a well-deserved rest. On our quest to discover some of the best half marathon courses in the world we have traversed deserts, ascended mountains and ran around the biggest casinos on the planet.

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