Best Destinations for Half Marathons – Part 2

Running a half marathon can be an immensely rewarding experience, completing any long-distance race takes courage, preparation and a great deal of training. Whilst 13.1 miles is not overly long, it still takes a lot to accomplish, and the destinations that we are highlighting in this blog may just be the very inspiration that you need to complete such a race.

Half Marathon – Jerusalem

Israel is a melting pot of religion and cultures. This famous race, held annually in Jerusalem, draws athletes from many different parts of the world and many with conflicting religious views. But as the great Nelson Mandela once said, sport has the power to change the world or, in the case of the Jerusalem, half marathon – no truer words have been spoken.  The race is a mesmerizing tour of some of the most historic religious sites on the planet, including David’s Tower, Mount Scopus and Haas Promenade. The race has an undulating course with hilly terrain and many slopes to conquer, but the sights and scenery will definitely light up the way.

Half Marathon – Tahiti Moorea

Because of the heat, this race starts at an alarming 5am, which to the casual runner may come as a big shock. The half marathon begins on the white sands of famous Temae beach and getting up at the crack of dawn has one major benefit, and that is Tahiti’s magnificent sunrise which paints the surroundings in brilliant colors and is sure to leave an impression.

Half Marathon – The Great Wall

What could possibly be better than taking a spot in the exercise on one of the greatest wonders of the world. This phenomenal structure took over twenty Chinese dynasties to construct and it spans a length of over thirteen thousand miles.

The race begins at part of the Huanyaguang section at Ying & Yang Square, and the terrain is a mixture of gravel paths, roads and dirt trails and of course steep jagged stone steps. This race is not for beginners, there are parts of the course only seasoned athletes could hope to complete, with hard ascents and steep descents. Included in this almost impossible course is the famous Goat Track which incorporates a two-thousand-foot sheer drop.

Half Marathon – La Champenoise

Our next journey takes us to the gentle rolling hills of the Champagne Valley in France, and the terrain could not be more different that our last course for half marathon.

The region is famed for producing the most famous sparkling wine in the world, and if you desire, you can sip some of the famous bubbly during the race!

This part of France is simply beautiful, with terraced vineyards, green pastures and distant hills. The race is in the spirit of a fun run and there are many runners dressed in fancy clothes, fully enjoying the experience. Expect plenty of musicians along the way and loads of fun and games. For those sober enough to reach the finish line, a buffet of fresh baguettes, fromage and macrons is there to reward your efforts.

In part three of our discovery of some of the best half marathon destinations in the world we travel all the way to Canada, become ships of the desert in Jordan, and run among the high peaks in Patagonia where snow clings to the slopes of the towering mountains.

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