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Preventive Measures for Marathon Runners

Strains and pains are an expected part of a runner’s life. Marathons or practice sessions of any distance is a test of both strength and endurance. Your body has several structural components to maintain. While running, a great deal of pressure is placed on your joints and muscles. It is common to sustain injuries during […]


Necessary Items and Gear for Half Marathons

Running a half marathon successfully takes the mindset of a winner, the strength of a champion and a savvy ensemble for the trophy. Understanding the mental and physical aspects of your goals will lead you down the path to victory while the gear or tools of the trade will help you cross the finish. Learning […]


Mindful Tips That Will Keep You Running

The date of the next marathon is likely circled on your calendar. The days and weeks leading up to the event will be filled with endless training sessions. Perfecting your running techniques over the course of time will be put to the test during the final few weeks. In effort to increase both speed and […]


Understanding Running Shoes

Every activity and sport hold its own trends and tools of the trade. From different equipment to styles of uniform, they are designed with efficiency and protection in mind. Running or racing does not need a ball or specific padding, however the time on the road does require the right shoes. Unlike its counterparts, running […]


The Smart Way to Run

Preparing to participate in a Half Marathon requires dedication and several weeks of training. A combination of exercises, diet and timed runs will inevitably become your focus for the next few months. Accomplishing a Half Marathon is a worthy goal to strive for. Runners who are newer to the realm of running tend to begin […]