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Choose the Right Pace for the Half Marathon

The easiest way, if you are a professional runner, to calculate the pace you should run for a half marathon is to refer to a grid calculation. Just input the time in which you wish to complete the race and the grid will work out how fast you should be running each kilometer. However, if […]


Best Destinations for Half Marathons – Part 3

Our concluding part of the best destinations to run a half marathon takes us to more superb places in the world, where perhaps you had never thought as competition venues but definitely are. Our first point of call is Canada where every August the magnificent Sea Wheeze race takes place. Half Marathon – Sea Wheeze […]


Best Destinations for Half Marathons – Part 2

Running a half marathon can be an immensely rewarding experience, completing any long-distance race takes courage, preparation and a great deal of training. Whilst 13.1 miles is not overly long, it still takes a lot to accomplish, and the destinations that we are highlighting in this blog may just be the very inspiration that you […]