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The Pros & Cons of Listening to Music When Running – Part 1

Listening to music whilst you are exercising is a favorite pastime for many fitness fans, it takes the boredom out of the treadmill or pounding the streets. With the development of lighter and sturdier portable music devices and lightweight headphones, it makes listening to your favorite artist during the run really easy. In this blog […]


When Should You Replace Your Running Shoes – Part 1

It might sound like an obvious question, but when should you replace your running shoes? Running is an extremely cheap sport as you don’t need a lot of gear, but the one thing you do need is proper running shoes in good nick. You will need to replace them on a fairly regular manner if […]


The World Bucket List of Half Marathons

You have successfully completed your training and now are looking where to run on your first half marathon. In this post we are going to look at some extraordinary places around the world that you can run a half marathon. Bhutan International Half Marathon Possibly one of the highest half marathon running events in the […]